Saturday, December 13, 2014

Timmy is four!

Lover of anything that moves on wheels or with four legs.  Always has a ball in his hands or between his feet.  Compassionate towards animals (especially Tigger) and teller of tall tales.  Will never turn down time on a lap with a good book and his blanket.  Loves M&Ms, cheese, and applesauce.  Becoming more independent everyday and loves to celebrate when a task is done.  He wanted brownies for his birthday, so he helped me make a pan and enjoyed the singing. :)

Getting marked on our ruler!  He is almost 37.5"!

We got some new toys and books and skyped with Papa, Nana, and Aunt Mindy in Michigan...

and we celebrated with Jared's family over Thanksgiving. (he was waaaaay too excited to get a non blurry picture)  :)

Not sure if he is deciding on which candle to blow out first, or figuring out how to grab the toy off of the cake without getting burned by the candles.

A full size soccer ball!  We have been out in the yard or at the city auditorium everyday, kicking it around.  Again, he is always moving with the ball and we were indoors, making it impossible to grab a decent photo.  But I am pretty sure you can pick up on the excitement. :)

And a little throwback to when he turned one!  (those cheeks!!!)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas decorating!

Timothy has been a great helper with the Christmas decorations going up, including a little wreath for his door!

This picture is blurry, but not only did Timmy get a wreath, but the cat got a little house out of the deal.  That is, until Timmy figured out that he could throw his football into the box and make a little game out of it.  I overheard him planning out drawing tiger teeth around the opening with his daddy.  :)  Not quite sure about how throwing a football into a tiger's mouth came about, but it is the greatest game since sliced bread around here!

Painting fun.  Still playing around with his left and right hands!

All done.  Don't ask me about the faces...all I ask for is a nice smile and this is what I get.  

And after 3.5 years of owning my camera, I have been learning about shooting in manual and getting some really cool effects, like the glowing tree!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Handmade Holidays 2014, part 2

I got some more finishes under my belt!  Only 218 started projects left pending...

Just kidding.

Sort of.


Anyway, here is the felt nativity set I have been working on for Timothy.  I think I spent a total of $12 and 3 nights of cutting pieces and glueing while we were watching tv.  If you want to make your own, this is where you can get the templates.  And you heard me correctly, I glued the entire thing together, no sewing.  

It is located in our living room, right under the advent calendar where all of the pieces are now located.

We started with Mary, an angel, Joseph, and then the donkey so we can start with the angel coming to tell Mary and Joseph that Jesus is coming.  Then they can hit the road and start walking through the palm trees.  I think eventually I want to just glue the palm trees and manger to the background, but then I need to add three more pieces.  Maybe another camel, a fourth angel, and a barn cat?  Not sure, but we will see if I can get the scissors back out and dig through the pile of felt and crank through a couple more pieces.

Jared and I laughed about the fact that they look like they are in sleeping bags.  :)

And right before Thanksgiving, I got this cute pillow to the chair in the living room.  It lasted a whole 3 days out and then was put in the box until next year.  At least it will get some more daylight next year.  :)  I got inspiration from this pillow I saw a few weeks ago.

Timothy didn't want to smile, but he wanted his picture taken.  Go figure.

The back :)

The new owner of the pillow.  She totally took it over and slept with it every day.  :)

Edit: I forgot to include the link for the advent calendar that I made last year.  If you want to make one yourself, CLICK HERE.  :)  Onto the dentist with Timmy and then the sewing machine!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Handmade Holidays 2014

WARNING: This post contains a LOT of felt and yarn.

Work in progress: Table runner (small squares are actually brown)

Campfire out of felt for Timmy's birthday (aka Mr. Camper)

Woodland creatures masks out of felt (in progress).  There is a fox, bear, deer, raccoon, and owl.  :)

I learned how to double knit!  Working on a snowflake scarf:

Felt nativity.  These are pieces that will be going in the advent calendar I made last year and there will be a piece of felt on the wall for Timmy to play with.  I just need to get some people done!

Death Star is done other than some lines I need to sew on around the thing.  It took almost an entire bag of batting!

Timothy, making a mess and shoveling snow, his two favorite things to do this week :)